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We are Environmentally Friendly

We take seriously our role as managers of social responsibility and sustainable tourism, which is why our Hostels are designed respecting the environment by optimizing natural light and bio climate.

We have a large variety of plants from the region in each Hostel

We use biodegradable products.

Our water installations are eco efficient.

We use an intelligent purchasing system of organic products to local farmers.

We use energy saving light bulbs, LED, and motion detectors in public areas.

We run scheduled preventive maintenance in all of our energy consuming installations and equipment.

Our recycling policies follow international norms.

We plant internal gardens with native edible plants that we use in our kitchens.

We recycle and reuse all of our paper stationeries and bed sheets to optimize their durability.

Our restaurants and bars use organic ingredients that we plant in our hostels and in privately owned lands in the sacred valley of the Inca.